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What is the Best RAM for Laptops in 2023?

RAM is important in laptops because it is how the computer optimises itself. Data is held in RAM before it is sent to the CPU for processing. Without enough RAM the computer slows down because it is limited in how much data it can process. Indications of low RAM are...

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Difference between Thunderbolt 4 and Thunderbolt 3?

There is not much difference. The basic summary is with Thunderbolt 4:  you can have two 4k displays, wake from sleep, the PCIe data transfer speed is 32GB/s up from 16GB/s and you can have cables 2 metres in length. How Thunderbolt 4 is different than other solutions Based on...

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Are You Unable to Upgrade to Monterey?

If the firmware on your Apple Mac has not been updated, this can cause an issue with third party SSDs and upgrading to OS Monterey, but there is a solution.

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Ministack STX: Storage and Hub in one!

The Ministack has always been the go to external accessory for owners of a Mac Mini. This is because it is shaped the same and as the name suggests, it can be stacked on or under a Mac Mini. It is a classic shape, look good on any desk, and...