About us

Upgradeable is an Australian company that has specialised in computer upgrades for over 20 years. We have been copied by almost everyone, but no one can match our customer service, which is the basis of our business.

Our wholesale business started in 1989. We created the first Upgradeable website in 1999. Upgradeable is one of the oldest ecommerce websites in Australia, helped countless Australians extend the life of their computer.

Our website has always had one focus: to help you easily find a compatible upgrade for your computer and back that upgrade with real after sales customer service. Anyone one can sell you an upgrade, and yes there are hundreds of cheaper alternatives online. If you are looking for the cheapest upgrade, you will not find it here. Those upgrades are only cheap until you need some help. Discount websites like Amazon and Kogan are great to find the cheapest component, but try calling them if you need some technical support. Will this upgrade work in my computer? Do you have it in stock and will I get it tomorrow? Do I really need 16GB to speed up my computer, will 8GB be enough?

This is where Upgradeable is different. Our Australian staff answer the phone, we provide technical support, help with recommending the right upgrade not the most expensive upgrade. That service is built into our price and why we are some things a little bit more. Think of it as upgrade insurance! If you need help, want the right advice, or if something goes wrong, we have you covered.