How To Clone Your Mac With SuperDuper!

We recommend SuperDuper! to clone your old drive to your new SSD, because the software is free to use. If you are having problems with your drive or SuperDuper! We recommend Carbon Copy Cloner. Please note: Carbon Copy is trial software, you can use it for 30 days. 


Before you start

You need to download SuperSuper!

You need to initialise your new SSD

See our Macbook Pro Guide


Our iMac Guide on how to initialise your new drive. (basically erase the drive in Disk Utilities)

Connect your new SSD to your Mac, we suggest our cloning cable.


What are we copying? In Superduper! the cloning is called copy. We need to first select the drive will will copy from, this is the original drive.

Destination to

Where are copying to? This is your new drive. Your new drive needs to be initialised first.


Superduper! will ask for your password.


Check to make sure you are copying from and to correctly.