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Mac Mini SSD Upgrade Guide

SSD Upgrade Guide for Your Mac Mini

Replacing your hard drive with a SSD will not only speed up your Mac, it will perform and feel like a new Mac Mini.

Option 1. Clone your drive to the SSD
Option 2. Use SSD as a 2nd drive
Option 3. Fresh install

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Choose your SSD size

When choosing an SSD size, it is best to match the size to your current hard drive capacity or to upgrade to a larger size. If your current drive is 320GB consider a 500GB. This will ensure you can clone your whole drive to the new SSD and there is room for extra data in the future.

Why is the MX500 the only SSD listed?

The Crucial SSDs are the best SSD we have stocked, and the one we all use personally. It is now the only SSD we recommend. With the price of SSDs gradually declining, the need for a low-end SSD to compare to a higher spec SSD is now superfluous as the higher spec SSD is now affordable to all users. The MX500 compares favourably to other brand SSDs in terms of both performance and reliability whilst maintaining a superior price point. There is no need to attempt to save a few dollars when the MX500 provides excellent value for money.

The biggest and the best - Read 560MB/s and Write 510MB/s - p/n UA1858
In Stock and Apple compatible
Technical specifications
Read 560MB/s and Write 510MB/s - p/n UA1723
In Stock and Apple compatible
Technical specifications
Newly released - Read 560MB/s and Write 510MB/s - p/n UA1722
In Stock and Mac Mini compatible
Technical specifications
Fast n Cheap - Read 560MB/s and Write 500MB/s - p/n UA1721
In Stock and Mac compatible
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Choose an option kit

We have put these kits together to add to the SSD you buy. Each kit has everything you need depending on how you add your new SSD drive to your Mac. Kits are put together with a discount, it is cheaper to buy a kit than it is to buy the items individually

Screwdrivers + USB to SATA cable
In Stock
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Screwdrivers + USB to SATA cable + Mac Mini 2nd drive kit
In Stock
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Choose items individually

If you only need one or two items, you can buy them here.

Part No: UA1291
In Stock
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Part No: UA1326
In Stock
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