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We don't work from home, we are a real business located in Pymble Sydney. Yes, a real person will answer the phone take responsibility for your enquiry. Yes, you can collect from our office, we also offer an installation service.
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Our RAM warranty is simple. Lifetime. If it does not work, we will replace it. No exceptions. We have had the same warranty for over 20 years.
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Upgradeable began selling memory in the year 2000. We are one of the original computer ecommerce websites in Australia. You are buying from a company guaranteed to be here in the future to service your warranty.
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Our upgrades are tested and exceed your computer manufacturer's specifications. That is why we can guarantee compatibility, we know it will work. If you are unhappy in any way, return the product within 14 days for a full refund.
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Our products ship with the 8 page Upgradeable installation guide booklet. Professionally produced, and outlines everything you need for a stress free upgrade. If there is a problem, our technical support numbers are printed in the book for easy access.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peter Marsh
Like a brand new machine for a quarter of the price!

I had a 4Gb RAM Mac mini as a file server because I couldn't tolerate the sluggish performance. I got a current OS running and with the aid of OpenCore-Patcher and now have three "old" machines running Ventura.

I increased RAM 16Gb {Maximum}. Secondly to replace one of the internal Hard Drives with a 2Tb Crucial SSD drive and leave the other non-booting drive in-situ.

The RAM took five minutes but the hard drive was fiddly. Apple's Hard Disc Utility worked. The copy took a long time, please be patient. I did two updates which took about two hours each.

And so, what was the end result? On the Mac mini I have run some tasks that I never dreamed of running - Importing the 4,500 loose images I had on there to Photos. I could launch as many APPS as I could find and apple-tab between them without crashes and prompt refresh of the screen. Love it.

Regarding my MacBook Air. It's a 2014 11" model running Ventura 3.6.6 with the aid of OpenCore-Patcher. Even though I couldn't increase its RAM, having a new SSD from OWC Aura 1Tb has made an enormous difference, at least 2x but being able to apple-tab between multiple APPS is a HUGE improvement.

So, if you don't have thousands to spend, consider older model Mac, say up to 2019 and add RAM & fast SSD's and you will be impressed. If you have old hardware like 2012+ models, spend time to learn about Open-Core-Patcher, update your OS to say Ventura first and then creep towards a better machine.


Thank you for your kind words. Upgrades are a really great way to breathe life into older hardware whilst saving yourself a bit of money at the same time.

Scott Phillips
MacMini Kit

The item arrived next day and I had the additional SSD installed in no time and the old Macmini is running great. Thanks to the Upgradeable staff for all their guidance with this upgrade.

John McLachlan
Waiting for parts

I'm still waiting for correct parts to arrive, upgradeable are seeming to be helpful and blaming their suppliers, I really don't know who is at fault and probably too annoyed and frustrated to comment