2TB Western Digital WD Elements USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive


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When it comes to simple reliable external hard drive for backing up and storage, nothing beats Western Digital.

The Elements range of drives are an industry standard.

This drive uses USB-A, there is no power supply, the drive uses the power from USB-A cable. This makes it small, portable and perfect companion on your desk or bag.

Although this is formatted for Windows, if you plug this into a Mac, it will recognise and ask if you want to turn it into a Time Machine. If you say yes, it will reformat and start a back up. Whenever you plug it back in it should update that back up. Best to check and not to reliable on automation.
If you want to transfer files between a Mac and PC, best to keep the shipped format, it will work on both a PC and a Mac.

Everyone should be backing up their computer. The price of these Western Digital drives, there is no excuse, they are affordable and reliable.

How to use this drive to upgrade my Mac with a bigger SSD?
If you are upgrading your Mac, you don't need a cloning case or cloning cable if you have a Time Machine backup. Use this drive as a Time Machine backup, it will back up all data and system files. Install new SSD. Plug in this drive, how down the option key and restart. You will see the Time Machine appear on the screen. Click on the Time Machine and the system will build the OS Utilities page. Select Restore from Time Machine and follow prompts.
If you want to start with a fresh OS and add your data on top, then install SSD and hold down keys: option-command-R. This tells the Mac to get the latest OS that will work on this Mac. You will see a spinning earth and the system will build OS Utilities page. Select install OS. Install the new OS. When it finishes the prompt "Do you want to transfer from another Mac" will appear on screeen. Select yes, plug in Time Machine and follow prompts.  

Quick Specs
Interface USB-A 3.0 | USB 2.0
Dimensions (L X W X H) 110.5mm x 82mm x 15mm
In The Box
Portable hard drive
USB-A cable
Quick install guide