Welcome to the new website

Upgradeable Australia has had a major website update on the 1st May 2021.

We have moved to a new software platform, our website is now hosted with Shopify.

We still have our configurator, and we think the new website is just as easy to use as the old one. There will be some small issues to start, please be patient.

We have not transferred old sales invoices. That does not mean all your previous orders and account information is gone. We run a secure internal system that has all your previous orders. If you require a copy of an old invoice, please contact our office.

We will be importing customer data into Shopify. You will have the option not to have your data imported and it will be deleted if you opt out. This data migration will be happening during May.

Enjoy the new website, if you have any feedback or concerns or would like to report a software bug please please contact us.

Team Upgradeable
May 2021