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Upgradeable has a local Sydney upgrade service. Drop off your iMac at our office and pick it up the next day supercharged and wonderfully fast again. We install RAM, clone hard drives and install SSDs.

Pymble iMac installation service

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Why do I need an SSD?

An SSD is a solid State Drive. It is a hard drive made from flash RAM chips.

It is not about storage, it is about how an SSD works. The problem with your iMac SATA storage is it is a mechanical drive. It is slow because it has a platter that spins storing and accessing your data. An SSD made from flash ram chips, stores your data in a spreadsheet. It is accessible immediately.

This is why SSDs are so fast!



10x faster

Your SATA drive is running at 50mb per second. An SSD runs at the SATA limit of 500mb per second! That is why it is 10 times faster than your current drive.

macOS Optimised

Do you notice your Mac slowing down after a macOS upgrade? Apple has been improving speed by optimising for SSD. This has slowed down any iMac using older SATA storage.

Paging and Caching

When your Mac runs low in RAM, it pages to the hard drive. This means it is using your drive as RAM to cache, trying to improve performance. An SSD is basically a drive made of RAM chips. When the Mac pages to the SSD, it does not slow down. Upgrading to an SSD is investing in a huge RAM drive!

Extend the life of your Mac

There is nothing wrong with your Mac. It is a modern Ferarri with a 1950's engine. The SATA storage is a 1950's technology, and the drives they used were super slow. Upgrading to an SSD with add years to it's life and make it useable again.


20 years of experience

20 years technical experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a smaller SSD?

Yes you can. You do not have to replace your drive with the same size SSD. The factor to consider is data. As long as the SSD has 20% free space, it will perform well. 

What is the best upgrade for more speed: RAM or SSD?

SSD. The reason is a Mac will work better with low RAM and an SSD than lots of RAM and no SSD. The reason is caching. A Mac will cache to the SSD when RAM is low and compensate for low RAM.

How quick is the installation service?

Our service is overnight. Drop off and pick up your Mac before lunch the next day!

How expensive is it?

A lot cheaper than a new Mac!!! In most models we can clone and install a 1tb for around $400. There are no hidden extra charges, price includes: cloning all your data and the technician installing and testing the new SSD. 


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