Get Back In The Game promotion

Crucial has made a hilarious video, who knew Crucial had marketing chops? Do they have a new marketing manager, or are they stealing Samsung employees? What is next, a Casey Neistat video?

It does not matter why they made it, we are glad they did. It inspired this promotion. This week, we are giving everyone 10% off the Crucial Pro RAM and the T700 SSDs. These are the two products Crucial is promoting in the video below.

It is an automatic discount, you dont have to remember a code, add the product to your cart, checkout and get the discount. 

Is it just for gaming?

No, you can use the DDR5 5600mhz RAM in standard desktops and the T700 get used more for video, photography, design and creatives. The T700 is all about the next generation of NVMe (5.0) and speed. 

The T700 is currently the fastest SSD in the world!
See the whole range here

Crucial Pro DDR5 is the muscle car of the gaming RAM world. No LEDs, No set ups, just flat out raw speed all the time. Get yours here.

At least watch the video, it will make you smile...or get back in the game!