Can I upgrade my Asus G11CD with new RAM

QuestionsCategory: AsusCan I upgrade my Asus G11CD with new RAM
Uyen Tran asked 4 months ago

I am looking to buy Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB kit 3200 Ram ( for my Asus G11CD Prebuilt desktop, but I am having trouble verifying if this will fit the motherboard. 

I am not entirely sure of the motherboard model name. It appears to be a h110 but I cannot verfying wholely. I just know that the motherboard is the same as the rebuilt of the G11CD model. 

My PC:

I have contacted Asus online customer support but they could not find my PC model on their list of upgradeable PC’s Which is strange as I’ve seen people upgrade this PC and it holds up to 32gb. I started off with a 16gbkit in the prebuilt which makes me assume I can upgrade this PC to better RAM.