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Upgradeable Part No: UA1834

Macbook onsite (home or work) SSD install

We come to you! Technician will install your new SSD at your home or work. Add this service to your shopping cart, with one of our SSD drives.

If you need an onsite install, please enter your postcode into the search box below the to check that we service your area. If we do the add to cart button will change to yellow which means you can order it now.


On site SSD Installation service

At a time that suits you, one of our technicians will come to your work or home, remove the current hard drive from your Macbook pro and replace it with a new SSD. It is an installation service only, you need to purchase one of our SSD drives to combine with this service. We can only install our own SSD drives, this is not a BYO SSD installation service, unless the SSD drive has been bought separately at a later date.
Please add an SSD drive to your cart, then add this installation service and checkout. Our service team will be in immediate contact to arrange a time when they can do the install.
This is an install service only, and does not include cloning. You must have a current Time Machine back up. Our technician will install the drive, plug in your Time Machine and start the restore. After they confirm it is restoring correctly, there job is done. They do not need to wait until the restore is finished as it can take a few hours to finish. Once the restore is finished, the Mac will be ready to use, and you can unplug the Time Machine.
If you want a fresh OS X install instead of a Time Machine restore, you use this service installation. We can also put on the latest OS X as a fresh install so your Macbook starts up like a brand new Mac.

Frequently asked questions about this service
How quickly can you provide this service?
It depends on your location, but most areas we can provide an installation the next day.

Can I choose a time and date?
Yes you can arrange a specific time first via a phone call or you can type in the customer notes at checkout and we can confirm this, via phone or email, once we have received the order.

How long does the installation take?
An average install is one hour. If we experience no problems during install, we can be finished a lot quicker.

Is there a service warranty?
Labour warranty is 12 months. The SSD drive warranty is 3 years. If you have a problem with the SSD and you need it replaced outside of the labour warranty period there would be a new labour installation cost.

Can I cancel and get a refund?
If you decide you do not want the install, or there are no agreeable dates on which we can do the install you will receive a full refund the way you paid.

Who does your onsite installations?
Upgradeable has a national network of independent technicians, they are not employees of Upgradeable. We do ensure all contractors have a high level of customer service and integrity.

Can the onsite technician do other computer work?
As we use independent contractors, they can be used for other work independently of Upgradeable. These are IT professionals, they can quote on hardware sales and services. You can talk to the technician to get a quote or follow up services.

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