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The Upgradeable Advantage

We can talk and write forever about what makes Upgradeable a great company to deal with. Lets face it, it is a biased opinion, we work here, we would say that!
However as one of the owners of Upgradeable, I have chosen to create the type of environment I want to work in. It is not all about selling you as much product as I can. We have a real office, the staff and I all work together, so if I have to come into an office everyday, I want it to be the type of place I want to work in. It is competing with the beach and skateboarding, so it has to be good to get me to come in everyday.

So things are a little different at Upgradeable.

We like to give the right advice. We often get the question of should I upgrade to a specific amount of RAM and we always answer based on what is best for the customer not our sales figures. Why? We have been in business for over 20 years, our wholesale company has been operating since 1989! Our success is not how much we sell, our success is how many customers come back and buy again or recommend us.

We want happy customers. This is our goal. All our business decisions are based on this premise.

I hate when companies charge me fees to use my credit card or Paypal account. It makes total business sense to pass that on to you the customer, but I dont want to be that guy, squeezing every cent out of his customer. I dont want to stress my staff by making them explain to a customer we need the extra $1.05 on top of the order. It also says a lot about who we are. There is no hidden fees at Upgradeable, there are no catches, no gimmicks. We are simply a company that wants to upgrade your computer and give you the customer an awesome experience.

Where is the free shipping?
This is one we struggle with at Upgradeable. It is a good way to increase sales but lets be honest here: Nothing is really free, free shipping is built into the cost into the price. We did free shipping for many years at Upgradeable, and in the past 12 months we have experimented with various forms of this type of promotion. In the current market of product shortages and rising prices, it has made free shipping difficult, with reduced margins.
The other problem with free shipping is we are trying to deliver the cheapest way possible, so the delivery times do not match the customer expectations. Usually customers are happy to pay for a premium delivery service, as our product is a premium product, we are not the cheapest in the market

If price is a concern, please think about this: you are not just buying a product from Upgradeable, you are also buying our service. We have a live phone support line, we love to trouble shoot problems, and we have a very simple stress free replacement policy. That little extra in price is your insurance policy if something goes wrong.

We guarantee compatibility, so if there are any problems we are happy to replace or repair or refund according to our policies.

What sums up our company is: Selection, Service, Savings and Support. We really try to live up to that standard. We have a wide range of ways to upgrade your computer. We believe in helping the customer and give the best service possible. If you buy a quality upgrade, it will outlast the computer and you will save money in the run. We have a real office, real phone, and real staff, we answer the phone, we take ownership of the enquiry and make sure we support and back up all our upgrades. Give us a try and compare our phone service to our competition.

Do we sound like your kind of people? If so, talk to us about your next computer upgrade.

James Hopkin
Upgradeable CEO