Why buy the Crucial M500 solid state drive?
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Why buy a Crucial SSD drive?

We will try not go too geeky on you, but we have to talk tech because an SSD is all about the technology. We like to recommend Crucial SSD drives, and let us outline why...

First lets introduce Micron and Crucial
Crucial is the retail arm of Micron.
Micron is the 2nd largest memory manufacturer in the world (1st is Samsung and 3rd is Hynix). They are an American Fortune 100 company, basically one of the top 100 listed companies on Wall Street. They are all about research, development and manufacturing. They don't do much PR, hence most consumers have never heard of them.
An SSD drive is made from Flash memory (NAND). There are four main NAND manufacturers in the world. Samsung, Hynix, Flash Forward (Toshiba and SanDisk), and Micron (with Intel). Buying a Crucial SSD guarantees you are buying directly from the source not a third party assembler.

Not all chips are equal
Crucial new technology is the 3D NAND. It will allow Crucial to make bigger dives, but also bring the price down to be competitive. The MX500 is the first drive to use this new technology. All reviews so far have been blown away witht eh speed vs the cost. Crucial has made a top of the range SSD at an affordable price. All the extra technology you get is a bonus.

It is the most reliable product we have ever distributed!
We sell a lot of Crucial SSD drives. In our five years of selling we have barely returned any drives for replacement. The Crucial drives are built to last. They now back that claim up with a 5 year warranty!

Crucial SSD features are:

Thermal protection
One of the Crucial features is a system to restrict write operations when the drive gets too hot. This protects the drive from damaging itself in extreme situations.

Data security
AES 256-bit encryption security is built into the Crucial SSD hardware. Within Microsoft Windows, there is a feature called BitLocker that uses this technology. It is File encryption. Every file that is saved onto the disk is encrypted with a code unique to the drive. This is handled transparently with no performance hit.

Power Loss Protection System
Crucial SSD aim has always been to make sure information is protected should the power go out suddenly. They have employed a unique system of capacitors to keep the data flowing when power to the SSD is interrupted.

Hardware redundancy with RAIN
RAIN stands for Redundant Array of Independent NAND. It is a type of chip redundancy. It reserves some of the NAND aside for parity. If one part of a chip fails, the controller recovers and rebuilds the data stored in that location.

Built in TRIM
TRIM is basically defrag for SSDs (you should never use defrag software on an SSD). It is feature of operating systems. If you are a Mac user, then you benefit from this Crucial SSD feature. The TRIM feature is a bonus for OSX users, it keeps the drive optimised independent from OSX. There was no TRIM features in OSX versions below Mountain Lion (even in Mountain it was basically a hack).

The summary is: the Crucial SSD is built for long term performance. If you are only interested in what is the fastest, then compare stats for Intel, Samsung, OWC or Sandisk. Every month a different SSD claims to be the fastest.
IF you want the best use of technology and a drive built to out perform the rest in the long term, look at our Crucial SSD range.

You can buy direct or on Amazon cheaper, but consider Upgradeable for your SSD purchase, we are an Australian company, we charge in Australian dollars, we have a local office for returns, you are protected by Australian Consumer Laws, we have a local phone number, and we operate in the same time zone for technical support.

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