Upgradeable and our COVID response

Yes we are still open, we are still shipping, if you order, 99% of our customers are getting their upgrade the next day.

Upgradeable has only one ship option = Next Day Delivery. We use Australia Post, and choose the fastest option, Next Day Delivery. Our parcels ride at the front of the truck, they very rarely get held up.

We still have a pick up option, we request that is use by local customers only. Our local definition is North Shore. If you have to travel across Sydney to get to Pymble, please don't, choose our next day delivery. 

If you are coming into our office, building management have made it compulsory for you to wear a mask. 

Upgradeable has a QR code on our front door. Please scan that QR code and check in before entering our premises. Wait at the front desk to be served. If there are two people in the reception area it means we are serving a customer, please wait in the hallway until that customer leaves.   

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have an enquiry please call, chat or email. We are working, helping you upgrade that computer to make your lockdown a bit more bearable.

The Upgradeable Team