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Conditions of Sale and Use

These are the terms and conditions you agree to when buying product from

Definitions or Upgradeable is the trading name and website of Cache (NSW) Pty Ltd.
Buyer is you.
Product is anything you buy from

Lifetime Warranty
If the memory does not work at any time we will replace or repair. This does not include flash memory products, they have a 1 year warranty. All warranty claims must follow our return procedure

Limitations on our lifetime warranty
Warranty only covers mechanical failure. If the product has failed because of misuse or natural disaster, we will not replace. For example, if your computer is struck by lightening and burns up, you can not make us replace the charred memory.
Warranty is not transferable. For example, if you give the memory to your mate, they can not claim the warranty. All warranty claims must follow our return procedure

SSD Warranty
Crucial SSD products have a 3 year warranty backed by Micron the 2nd largest memory manufacturer in the world. All Crucial product is sourced directly from the Australian distributor and is not grey marketed. All product warranties are guaranteed by the manufacturer via their Australian representative, basically if you have trouble with us you can complain to Micron Consumer Products and they will sort it out!

Flash Warranty
All flash products have a 1 year warranty by Upgradeable. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties. To claim extended warranties, the product must be returned to the manufacturer. Why does flash have a limited warranty? Flash memory has a limited read write cycles. Eventually it will wear out, but not in a year. With normal use, flash memory should work for 5 years. All warranty claims must follow our return procedure.

Money Back Guarantee
You can return any product to us within 14 days of purchase for a credit. This credit can be used for the purchase of another product or refunded the same way as you paid. If you paid by credit card, it would be a refund on your card. Bank deposit would be a return bank deposit. The delivery charge will not be refunded unless Upgradeable is at fault. You can return the product for any reason, or not even give a reason. All 14 day guarantee claims must follow our return procedure.

Limitations of Money Back Guarantee
Product must be returned in original condition. We understand if it has been used but we will not accept back product if it has been misused or damaged.

Void warranty issue
Using a memory upgrade from Upgradeable does NOT void your computer's warranty. It is illegal to void or cancel a warranty because a buyer has used a third party product.
When you purchased your computer or electronic device the law states: that as a buyer you have statutory rights or an implied warranty. These legal warranties cannot be excluded or modified by a manufacturer or retailer. Need more information? See warranty publications provided by your state's Office of Fair Trading.

Dead On Arrival (DOA)
What happens if your memory upgrade arrives DOA? It is every buyers fear, buying an upgrade that does not work. First thing to do is call our staff on (02) 9391 5200. They will run through a procedure to identify the problem. If we are at fault, 99% of the time we will issue an RA number and ship out replacement product with an Australia Express Post return bag. Once you have confirmed the new product works, put the faulty product in the supplied box and return bag, place it in your nearest Express Post gold bin, and it is all done. We do not do many DOA replacements each year, but we do make it that easy.

Return procedure
All returns must have an Upgradeable RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number. Call our staff, they will issue a number. This number is important for everyone involved, it helps us trace the issue if there are further problems. Returned products should be shipped at buyers expense to the following address:
Upgradeable - RMA# _________
PO Box 44,
Gordon NSW 2072

Our preferred courier Australia Express Post. They deliver to a PO Box.
If you are shipping via another courier that does not deliver to PO Boxes, ship to:
Upgradeable - RMA# _________
Building 1, Level 3, 20 Bridge Street
Pymble NSW 2073

For your own security, your courier should issue a tracking number and collect a received signature upon delivery.

If the memory does not work
If the memory does not work, call or email our office. Do not waste you time trying to solve it by yourself. We are specialists in this area and can quickly identify the problem. We never assume you are the problem.

All the pricing on the website and the quotes we give you are based on market prices and what we have in stock. If prices go up we have to charge you more money. If you place an order and we do not have stock, and our new stock has gone up in price then we have to charge you the new price (we try to avoid this). However this works both ways, if prices go down, we will charge you less money. We would never charge a credit card a different price without the buyers permission. If you are not happy with the new price you can cancel the order without penalty. You can not seek compensation, this is the nature of the memory business. Refunds on sales more than 30 days old are issued at current website sell price. In other words, if prices have dropped and the value of the product we are refunding has decreased the refund will be at the lower price.

If we quote you a price it is based on market price and our stock. We will do our best to hold the price if they go up but we can not guarantee you can buy at the old price, if there is a price rise. If prices go down after we quote you, you are entitled to the lower price.

You can place an order via our website, or by calling our phone number (02) 9439 3665, or by faxing on (02) 9439 7899 or mail an order to PO Box 328 Leonards NSW 1590. If you can think of another way of sending an order, we will accept it.

We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay by bank deposit, our bank details are:
St George Bank Crows Nest
Account name: Cache NSW Pty Ltd
BSB: 112-879
Account number: 067249054

Always confirm your bank transaction by emailing a receipt to Upgradeable
If you have an account with Upgradeable, payment is on or before the due date, as stated on the invoice. We understand if payments are late. If it is really late, we will not charge interest, but we will not be happy and it will be hard to trust you again with more product. "Really late" is defined as our accounts department stressing over your account.

Upgradeable has a product evaluation program which is aimed at assisting buyers to test products in an actual working environment. All evaluation goods are available for up to fourteen (14) days, if product is not bought, time extended or returned by this time an invoice will be issued. If product is to be returned it must be shipped at Buyers expense via courier or registered post only. Upgradeable accepts no responsibility if goods are lost in transit.

There are a few risks that should be explained.
Paying via credit card. Our payment system is a live gateway. This means we do not store your card details and all the transaction information is sent direct to the bank. This infomration is encrypted using High Grade SSL encryption (AES-256 256 bit). If you phone through your credit card details, if they are recorded and printed. All print material with these details are destroyed. We do not keep credit card details.

If you pay for the product before it is shipped, you own the product ex warehouse. What does this mean? Most companies have the same policy but do not explain what it means. When we give the product to the courier, you own it. Usually that means if the courier loses it, we are not liable to replace it. However, all parcels are now shipped insured. This means that if they lose your product, we will replace it. Between our insurance and the courier's insurance it will work out. However, if we suspect foul play, it will not be replaced.
If you purchase on account, Upgradeable retains ownership until you pay. So if you go bankrupt, or you can not pay, we are coming to get our product back.
Our physical address does not have a secure post box. Anything delivered by Australia Post MUST be sent to PO Box 328 St Leonards NSW 2065. We do not accept responsibility for items sent to our physical address.

Installation risks
Whenever you upgrade hardware or software on a computer there is a risk of something going wrong. You must back up the important files on your computer or risk losing them. We are not responsible for the lack of your back up procedures.

Technical Support staff provides free technical support on our memory upgrades for our customers. This support can involve general information of known fixes for memory problems. The customer must evaluate the information and decide if they should proceed and accept responsibility for any consequences. Upgradeable can not be held liable for problems caused by your actions.

Upgradeable accepts no liability if something goes wrong while using one of our products. We will honour our warranties and guarantees for our product, but accept no responsibility for loss of business or damage to a computer due to using one of our upgrades.

Legal information
Some of the information provided here are legal matters. Upgradeable provides this as general information. We do not provide it as legal advice. Always seek your own legal advice. Need more information? Contact The Law Society in your state.
For contracts, governance and corporate law we recommend Concept Legal, they provide all our legal services.

Information on the Upgradeable website is owned by Cache (NSW) Pty Ltd. It can not be reproduced or published without the permission of Cache (NSW) Pty Ltd. This does not include hyperlinking - you can link to anywhere on the Upgradeable website as long as it is not for illegal or misleading activity.
Some names and trademarks have been reproduced, in a text format, for general information purposes and remain the property of their rightful owners.

Linking to our website
You can link to anywhere on the Upgradeable website as long as it is not for illegal or misleading activity.

Operating hours
Upgradeable office hours are Monday through to Friday 9am to 5pm (Sydney Time).

Where are you?
Building 1, Level 3, 20 Bridge Street, Pymble NSW 2073.
Yes we are customer friendly, you are welcome to visit our office, and collect your order.

For additional information
If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please refer to our Contact page for information on how to contact us.

Last Modified: March 2nd, 2016

Privacy Policy is the trading name of and is owned and operated by Cache (NSW) Pty Ltd.
We are an Australian owned and operated company.
We are committed to respecting and safeguarding the privacy of customers and visitors to our website.

No Personal Information: Upgradeable does not collect personal information of any kind from visitors to our website. "Personal Information" is defined as an individually identifiable data such as name, age, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, fax number, gender, and other such data.

No Data Combination: Since we do not collect personal information, we also do not combine traffic information with personal information.

No Data Aggregation: Upgradeable does not collect individual profile information for visitors across multiple sites, nor does it use any other source to aggregate individual information across multiple sites.

Anonymity: Upgradeable uses traffic analysis software to log IP addresses of web visitors exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

Anonymous Cookie Usage: Upgradeable uses cookies only for anonymous traffic analysis. The cookie information does not include personal information. In addition, Upgradeable does not link cookies to personal information.

Limited Cookie Usage: Upgradeable uses cookies to track information such as whether this is a first-time or a repeat visit. The cookies never include personal information. We do not collect such information and visitors that we track cannot provide us with personal information.

Confidentiality: All the information we compile from your purchase order is considered confidential. If your credit card information is given to our company it is destroyed after the transaction is completed.

Treatment of Information: Upgradeable will not divulge, offer or sell your personal information to any third party person or organisation.

Personal Information: Upgradeable collects personal information (name, address, e-mail address, credit card data for phone order, etc.) when you purchase product.

Upgradeable only uses this information to: 1) Facilitate billing for our products, 2) Authenticate that you are the rightful holder of the credit card used to pay for our products, 3) Contact you in the case of a problem. Under no circumstances will Upgradeable release your personal information to any third party at any time.

Your correspondence: Upgradeable reserves the right to use your ratings or comments on our service for promotion purposes. Please notify our company if you do not want your comments used for promotion activities.

Junk email: Upgradeable does not send unauthorised emails to promote our company or products. Upgradeable does not sell or provide email addresses to any third party for the purpose of junk emails.

Your e-mail address: Upgradeable does offer customers the option to provide their email address for marketing purposes. This is an opt in service only and not a default service if you provide your email details with an inquiry or purchase order. Upgradeable emails comply with Australia?s Anti-Spam laws. Consumer information about the Anti-Spam laws can be found here. Upgradeable does not use email addresses provided with purchase orders or product enquiries to promote our company or products.

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please refer to our Contact page for information on how to contact us.

Last Modified: May 1st, 2010