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Micron P400e 2.5-inch SATA Enterprise Solid-State Drives

Micron P400e Enterprise SSD

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Micron P400e: An Enterprise-Focused MLC SSD

Enabled by Micron's advanced 25nm MLC NAND Flash, P400e SSDs provide reliable high performance for read-intensive applications such as boot drives, direct-attached storage, and blade servers. They can also serve as a primary drive in applications that need more endurance and data reliability than a client drive can provide.

Micron specifically designed the P400e drive in response to customer requests for a drive with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and key features like enterprise-focused endurance, enterprise-level data protection, and a wide selection of capacities. Its excellent dollars-per-IOPS performance makes it a competitive replacement for enterprise HDD solutions.

Key Features

Optimized for Low TCO
Micron P400e drives provide outstanding IOPS - from both a power and dollars perspective - for read-centric enterprise solutions. It's a sound investment that's easy on both your power and purchasing budgets.

Excellent Read Performance
With read rates of up to 50,000 IOPS random and 350 MB/s sequential, P400e drives deliver focused enterprise performance.

Key Enterprise Features
Our P400e drives are equipped with a robust suite of enterprise features, including SMART attributes, hot-plug support, uCode, and enterprise data-path protection.

Start-to-Finish Quality
In addition to product advantages, Micron also offer unique NAND supplier advantages. Because Micron is a NAND manufacturer with direct control over the memory design, process, and supply - you get the best that Micron's product innovations, test and compatibility tools, and integrated support structure have to offer.

Why choose the P400e SSD?
• Fast boot and application-loading times: Delivers superior performance over HDD and other entry-level SSDs.
• Durability and endurance: SSD durability and reliability with enterprise-focused endurance specifications for long drive life.
• Enterprise data path protection: Multiple error-correction checkpoints ensure that your data is protected throughout the data path.
• Compatibility: Complies with SATA 6 Gb/s, making it an easy-to-adopt, drop-in HDD replacement, which increases design flexibility and speeds time-to-market.
• Low power: Consumes significantly less power than a typical enterprise HDD and requires almost zero cooling.
• NAND expertise: Leverages Micron's proven quality and test capabilities to provide best-in-class drive reliability.

Micron Enterprise SSDs

Along with the Micron P400e, Upgradeable also has the following Micron Enterprise SSD products available. Please contact us: 1800-289-726.

Micron P300 SSD | Mainstream enterprise performance with Micron SLC NAND.
Designed to provide increased write performance and lower latency for blade servers, video servers, and industrial applications, the P300 SSD utilizes Micron's high-endurance servergrade SLC NAND and optimized NAND management algorithms to achieve sequential read speeds of up to 360MB/s and up to 45K random write IOPs.

Micron P400m | Mainstream enterprise performance for balanced workloads.
Engineered to be an enterprise workhorse, the Micron P400m SSD utilizes advanced features and SSD-specific NAND to deliver powerful performance. Tuned for enterprise steady-state 24/7 write workloads, the Micron P400m is built using select Micron MLC NAND that's been probed at the wafer level and tested again at the screen-in level to work optimally in enterprise-class SSDs. The result? Faster steady-state performance, increased reliability, and longer life of the NAND. The Micron P400m features a five-year limited lifetime warranty, data path protection, power protection, RAIN, and advanced read/write management technology.

Micron P320h SSD | High enterprise performance for intense workloads.
Designed to deliver top-of-the-line PCIe performance for intense enterprise applications such as media streaming, web acceleration, and data warehousing, the Micron P320h SSD uses high-end Micron SLC NAND to push the limits on server performance. With an astounding 50PB endurance rating (TBW) for the 700GB model, respective read/write speeds of up to 3.2 GB/s and 1.9 GB/s, and respective random read/write speeds of up to 785K IOPs and 205K IOPs,the Micron P320h delivers top-of-the-line performance and efficiency. Currently available in HHHL form factor.

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