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Benefits of a RAM Upgrade

Is your PC a few years old and not as quick as it used to be, or have you purchased a new PC that doesn't seem to have the performance that you where expecting? There is an easy solution to this problem; upgrade the RAM capacity of your PC.

Upgrading the Computer Memory (or RAM) is the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the performance of your PC. Installation is quite straight forward as most computer models will allow for easy access to the memory sockets so you can upgrade the RAM yourself without having to take it to a service centre to be done by a technician. Many PC's will ship with only the minimum RAM required for the applications and operating system pre-installed on the PC. Computer manufacturers can sometimes forget that you will want to install more applications when setting up your computer and operate more then one of these applications at a time.

Here are 5 reasons to upgrade the Computer Memory on your PC.

Five Reasons to Upgrade the RAM

1. Multi-tasking: This is where Desktop and Notebook PC's have the advantage over tablet and mobile devices. With a greater RAM capacity, you can improve the performance of individual applications you use everyday and have more applications open at once without impacting the responsiveness of your PC.

2. Web Browsing: With more websites becoming Web 2.0 capable to give you, the user, the best experience on the Internet, you can think of every one of those websites being another application running on your PC. Due to this, the RAM required to run your Internet Browser is not easy to calculate as it used to be; only a few years ago the Internet was mostly made up of static HTML content. Get the most out of your internet browsing experience by installing sufficient RAM to keep your browser running smoothly.

3. PC Gaming: With gaming consoles still playing catch up with their networking capabilities, PC gaming will offer the best user experience. With the amount of content available in both online and offline type PC games, extra RAM will ensure that the game-play is both responsive and visually spectacular.

4. Digital Photos & Video: The applications that you use to manage both your digital photo and video collection rely quite heavily on the amount of RAM installed in your PC. Even more so when editing high resolution photos and high definition videos. Upgrading the RAM to a level that exceeds the recommended specifications will allow you to get the most out of the applications and ensure a smooth editing process.

5. Value: A RAM upgrade will always be the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the most value out of your PC. Whether it be a new PC or one that is a few years old, increasing the RAM capacity can allow you to keep it running for years to come.

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