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Upgradeable Memory Scanner Tool

Upgradeable Memory Scanner Tool screenshot 

The Upgradeable Memory Scanner Tool is now available for download. Take the guess-work out of upgrading your computer's RAM. Simply download the tool and simply run it (after it has been extracted), no installation is required! At this stage the memory scanner tool is only compatible with PC's running Microsoft Windows.

The tool automatically scans your computer and allows you to search the Upgradeable website to find the right RAM upgrades. Additionally the tool will provide you with helpful details such as your motherboard model details for your computer as well as the current RAM configuration installed. Save time, money and we guarantee compatibility of our RAM!



Note: The Upgradeable Memory Scanner Tool uses HTML content to generate a report of your system information and current RAM configuration. As a result, some AV software may incorrect detect the software as Adware.

For added authenticity, you can verify the file's integrity with a tool such as Microsoft's FCIV. This is optional and just proves the file has not been modified by a 3rd party.

MemScan.exe SHA-1 Checksum:
16693740A2B0CD7EC3D1CB9AE17C1C320BB29E31 SHA-1 Checksum: