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How to scan your PC to do a memory upgrade

Upgradeable Memory Scanner Tool screenshot 

Upgradeable recommends the CPU-Z scanner tool to identify what type of RAM your computer uses and how many slots there are available.

CPU-Z is available for download on their website, it is a free download.

Using CPU-Z takes the guess-work out of upgrading your computer's RAM. Simply download the tool as a zip or exe file and simply run it.

If you would like Upgradeable to identify the RAM and recommend the best upgrade, please follow the steps in the image to your left and send us the txt file your computer generates. This file contains what RAM you have and the type of system. With this information we can recommend a 100% compatible upgrade.

Use our contact us form, attach the txt file to your message and we will reply as soon as possible.

Do you want to choose your own ram? Or dont want to wait and just quickly find out the cost of an upgrade? Scroll down for our quick DIY guide.

how to find your ram 

Here is the quick guide to identify your ram, the number of slots and how much it will cost.

We are assuming you have downloaded CPU-Z from their website.

The trick with CPU-Z is not to look in the Memory tab but use the SPD tab.

You can see how many RAM slots your computer has by using the "Slot 1" drop down list.

The important information is what type of RAM - is it DDR2 or DDR3 or DDR4?
Then you need to know the speed. In the example to the left we can see it is DDR4 ram and the speed is 2400 not the (1200mhz). With this information you can find compatible RAM on our DDR3 or DDR4 pages.

Tips for a compatible upgrade
Match new RAM to your existing ram speed. You do not get a speed increase mixing fast and slow ram, it always defaults to the slowest speed. There is a chance the new RAM will not be compatible. So there is no upside, and all downside - not a good bet.

Use the computer model information to search Upgradeable for your model. We do not charge more for brand specific RAM. Do not assume you can use 8GB or 16GB modules by default. Some models are limited to the amount of RAM it can use. If you are unsure internet search your model with "max ram". If your computer has 2 slots and the maximum RAM is 16GB then the biggest module you can use is 8GB. However if the maximum ram is 8GB then the largest module you can use is 4GB. This is number one reason for incompatible RAM.