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Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale

This weekend we are discounting our installation packages for Macbook Pro and iMac SSD installations

Show me the savings!
The discounted installation packages are listed on the model pages. You can find your Macbook pro model here or your iMac model here
If you are not sure which is your model or need to discuss this with a customer service person, please call or email our office. You have until Monday 27th November to buy the package.

What are the conditions?
  • You need to buy the package before close of business Monday 27th November
  • This is an installation service in Pymble NSW, if you can not drop the Mac off to Pymble we do not have an onsite service
  • Only eligible for Sydney customers (unless you want to travel to bring us your Mac)
  • Book the installation at anytime, the install does not have to be done before the 27th November.

Are there any extra costs?
No. The installation package includes everythign: hardware and labour. You only need to drop off your Mac to our office.

Is this a clone or new MacOS service?
There is no restriction, we can customise every installation. We can clone your old drive to the new SSD. We can restore from a Time Machine. We can put a new MacOS on the new SSD. If you are unsure, we can discuss options at your convenience. You dont need to decide before you buy the package, because there is no restriction.

When do I book the installation?
We have a wide range of installation times for you to book. We are positive we can accomodate most timetable requirements. We are not open on weekends.

Can I cancel?
Yes. Any installation package can be cancelled and refunded within a reasonable timeframe (30 days). We refund the way you paid.