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How to install an SSD into a laptop

Installing an SSD into your laptop is the easiest way to get a new computer for the price of an upgrade.

This guide covers a general installation. To make it more specific, please consult your computer user manual. If you no longer have the manual, it can be downloaded from your laptop brand's website.

What type of SSD installation?
You need to decide if you want to clone your current hard drive or start fresh with a new software.
Most people choose to clone, because it is easy and quick. Cloning is using software, such as Acronis that comes with our cloning kit, to make an exact clone of your current drive onto the new SSD.
Starting with a fresh install is installing all new operating system and software. You must have all this software available, it is not provided with the SSD. People choose this method if they believe their current drive is corrupted beyond repair with a virus or malware, or their hard drive has crashed and can not be repaired.

Before you start installation
You will need tools. The Upgradeable tool kit has all the tools required for a memory or SSD installation. Typically you will need a #00 Phillips head to remove the back panel securing the hard drive or memory. Our Screwdriver kit is usually bundled with our SSD kits or it can be purchased separately.

Static electricity is not your friend. Make sure your work environment is static free, remove all plastic and paper from your work area.
Ground yourself by touching something metallic bebore you pick up a static sensitive item, such as the SSD.
Don't forget to reground yourself. Rookie mistake is holding something, like your user manual that can hold a static charge, and not reground yourself. (Upgradeable pro tip)

Cloning your drive
If you are cloning your current hard drive, now is the time to start that process. If you need help with that, here is our PC cloning guide. We also have a Mac cloning guide

Installation Step 1
Did you ever think we would get here? Finally we can start the install.
You should have cloned your drive by now, or made sure you have your system disks ready for a fresh install.
Shut down your laptop.

Unplug your power cable

Remove your battery. To do this consult your user manual to find out the correct procedure.

Hold the power button down for about 5 seconds. This will drain any residue power from the laptop

Installation Step 2
Locate and unscrew the panel securing the storage bay, this is where your hard drive is installed. Check with your user manual on where this panel is located, it is usually on the base of the laptop and held in place by 2 to 4 small screws.

When handling internal components or the SSD, please discharge any static electricity by touching an unpainted metal surface.

Installation Step 3
Remove your current hard drive from the storage bay. Consult your laptop's owners manual on the correct way to remove your hard drive. There could be extra cabling or screws not mentioned in this instruction guide.

There could be brackets or adapters that are attached to your current hard drive. Remove these and secure them to your new SSD

Storage bays come in two sizes: 7mm tall and 9mm tall.

Your new SSD is 7mm high. Some storage bays are only 7mm tall however if it is an older laptop the drive bay could be 9.5mm tall. Don't worry we have you covered. Included with your SSD is a spacer that adds some height, so the SSD can fit securely into a 9.5mm storage bay.

Installation Step 4
Align the pins on the SSD to the SATA connector in the storage bay
Slide the SSD into place
Do not force the connection. If it does not fit, restart the procedure by aligning the pins.

Installation Step 5
Re-assemble your system. Connect the battery.

Power on your laptop

If you did not clone your drive, you now have to reinstall your operating system and software

If you DID clone you can restart your laptop and there is nothing more to do. You laptop will start as normal, it will now be faster and more reliable!

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