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Upgradeable no longer offers a free shipping service

Upgradeable offers various shipping services and over the last 17 years we have offered free shipping or promotions that give free shipping on certain conditions.

Although the customer does not pay for the service, it still has to be paid for, so it is built into the cost of the product. Due to market conditions, it has become hard to offer free shipping as the cost of memory and SSD are increasing due to shortages. Our customers do not see the instability in market prices, as we only raise our prices when necessary. We absorb small increases by lowering our margins.

At this time we are withdrawing our free shipping offer. When market pricing is more stable, we will look at reintroducing this promotion.

Upgradeable still gives customers to be valued upgrade. We have NO surcharges for credit cards or Paypal. We have a real office, we don't work from home or from a "virtual office". We have real technicians that will answer your phone call and take ownership of your enquiry. Our exceptional after sales service is your guarantee of a successful upgrade. Give it a test - call our competition and see if they answer the phone or does it goes to a robotic voicemail system or no answer? If you can't call them before the sale, what happens when you need help after you have purchased? Thank you for considering Upgradeable for your next upgrade.