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Free returns

If you want to return our product for any reason, we offer free returns.

Are there any catches?
If the product is being returned for credit or replacement, we will send you a return label to afix to the box and it will cost you no money to return the product.

How does it work?
We generate a return label through the Australia Post eparcel system. We can email you the label as a PDF or if we are sending an advance replacement a pre printed label will be included. The label must be afixed to the return package and then dropped off at a local post office or put inside a red or gold Australia Post post box.

Can I get a return shipping refund?
No. The free return offer is only for postage generated by Upgradeable. You can not send us a package and claim back the cost.

How do I get a return label?
Please contact our staff

Why do you offer free returns?
We believe in the quality of our product and service. We have a low rate of failure and incompatibility, this means we can afford to provide free returns. It also eliminates your risk in using our product. If something goes wrong, the extra cost is on us.

What is the hassle free return policy?
If something goes wrong or you don't want the product you ordered, we figure you might not be the happiest customer. The least we can do is to make the process easy. Why make the situation worse by making it hard to return product. We have created a hassle free return process. We are always improving the process, we are happy to hear feedback so we can improve the service.

Is your money back guarantee 14 days or 30 days?
We have always offered a 14 day money back guarantee. However if a customer returns something in 20 days or longer, we have never refused the refund. The 14 days is a guideline, we believe 2 weeks is long enough to trouble shoot an install and contact us about returning the product. We understand that customers travel and can be away from home longer than 14 days, so it is not a strictly enforced time period.