Crucial SSD and OSX TRIM support
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Crucial SSD and OSX TRIM support

There is a lot of misinformation online regarding Apple's change in the way OSX supports TRIM with third party SSD drives.

We are aware of the current TRIM issue with Yosemite OSX. However it does not effect Crucial SSD drives.

Upgradeable has been selling online since 2000. We have been in business since 1989. We started one of the first memory assembly factories in Australia so we have a manufacturing background. When we evaluate a component to recommend to our customers, it is always based on that engineering perspective.

Selecting an SSD for your Mac should not be about the fastest, biggest or cheapest. The Crucial SSDs are better quality in the way they are made and also with the firmware that is included with the drive.

Crucial has a feature called Active Garbage Collection. It is built into the firmware and runs independent of the operating system and filesystem. If you are installing a Crucial SSD into a computer that does not have TRIM support (OSX Yosemite) then it is important to set the power settings to make sure the drive does not sleep when it goes into idle mode.

Garbage Collection needs to be given time to work, but as long as it has the idle time it needs, the drive will maintain its high performance over time, despite the lack of TRIM support in OSX.

Everyone at Upgradeable is a Mac user, we own Macs, we love our Macs. What we recommend is what we use! We all use Crucial SSD drives. We understand it is important for Mac users to choose components that will either outlast the Mac or be usable for a long time. This is because our Macs are usable for a long time. Mac users dont throw out their Mac every few years and buy a new one. An iMac with Snow Leopard is a great system, can do everything required for general computer use. The same can not be said for older PC's. We recommend Crucial SSDs because we believe in the long term it is a better drive. The current TRIM issue with Yosemite is a great example of that choice of Crucial drives is the right one. The way Crucial has built the SSD with the accompanying firmware means that it will operate perfectly fine despite changes in the core OSX software.

Crucial SSDs are fully compatible with Apple’s hardware and operating system OSX Yosemite.