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We are still open and trading

Australia and the world are facing a difficult crisis fighting the COVID19 virus. Upgradeable will remain open and there is no plan to shut down.

Our business is computer upgrades. We sell the hardware and help our customers with the installation.

We have long term relationships with all our suppliers. Upgradeable has been operating for over 20 years. Stock is still available, we have regular weekly shipments coming in, however prices are going up. The main cause is the drop in value of the Australian dollar. The Australian Dollar is normally very stable and does not affect pricing. However, the last month (February/March 2020) has seen the value drop very fast and affect prices. We are working in your best interests. We know the market can not take huge price rises, so we are always negotiating for the best price.

Most of our support is done online via chat or email. However we understand it is easier to call us on the phone to get support help. That is why we make it easy for customers to call us, our phone is all over our website. Our direct office number is 02 9391 5200. You can also use the "call Me" web app if it is showing on the website. This app calls someone in our support team, when they answer it calls you and connects the calls. It is just like calling our office...actually it might be better because you are jumping the queue!!

The Upgradeable office is located in the commercial district of Pymble a northern suburb of Sydney. There are no plans to close our building. If this happens, we can move all staff online and operate from home. Shipping would be unaffected, we have a plan in place to move the shipping location and hand deliver parcels to the Australia Post depot.

You can order confidently knowing we can ship your upgrade and we will be available to help you with the installation if required.

We are still getting daily pick ups from Australia Post. Our parcels are still shipping Express Post overnight, if you are in a major city you will be getting next day delivery.

James Hopkin