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Are SSD's more reliable than hard drives?

It is one of the big fears when considering a move from a standard hard drive to an SSD. Is it more reliable? Will it fail?

An SSD is not infallible. You still need to maintain a proper back up system and have in place a plan if something goes wrong.

However, becasue of their very nature, a SSD is nearly 40% more reliable than a normal drive.
Google is one of the largest users of hard drives. They have a complex system of datacentres around the world, and use hard drives to store and index the internet. They released a study that gives us a good indication of hard drive failures. Basically 36% of drives failed due to mechanical problems.

A traditional hard drive will fail because of an electrical problem or a mechanical problem. A hard drive is a mechanical component. It is made of platters, heads, bearings and motors. Over time these mechanics wear out and fail. A SSD does not have this problem, they are made from flash chips that have no mechanical parts.

Therefore a SSD drive will be at least 36% more reliable because it will not mechanical fail like a hard drive.

Just another reason to step into the future, and upgrade your dinosaur hard drive with an SSD!