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Is your Mac upgrade only half done?

You need an SSD

If you want to extend the life of your Mac, get more speed, make it like new again, then you can't stop at just a RAM upgrade. The upgrade is only half done until you have a new Apple SSD.

It is not as simple as adding more RAM. That is why we have written a series of upgrade guides. They are always getting updated, as new products get released or we discover new information to be shared.

Find your Mac series below, and follow the links provided to find out how you can speed up your Mac like new!


iMac image

The complete iMac SSD upgrade guide

Need a RAM upgrade, find your iMac model here.

If it is easier to call, please do (02 93915200).

Send us an email

Macbook Pro or Macbook

Macbook pro image

Macbook Pro SSD upgrade guide
Let us show you how easy an SSD install can be!

Find your Macbook Pro model here and we list all possible upgrades: RAM, SSD, Batteries....there is a separate Macbook page

Use our contact us page to email, chat or phone.

Macbook Air

Macbbok pro -intro

Increase the size of your Macbook Air SSD with our How To Guide

The RAM can not be upgraded, but on the Macbook Air model finder page we have SSD and battery upgrades.

It can be confusing choosing the right upgrade, so we make it easy for you to ask a question

Mac Mini

Mac Mini looking pretty

Yes you can put an SSD in a Mac Mini
here's how

Maybe a quick RAM upgrade is all you need, start on our Mac Mini page