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The best $25 I’ve spent on Appsumo

It’s been a week of Appsumo and Noah Kagan at Upgradeable.

On Tuesday, not only did I meet Noah, the Chief Sumo, we drank beers, ate tacos and talked about the virtues of tattoos.

What is the best $25 I’ve spent on Appsumo?

It was a deal in November last year for Backblaze. A sweet yearly account for $25, and I bought a few for the office, not just for my computer. It is an online back up system. One of those products that you set and forget, but if you ever have to rely on it, bam, it is the best product you ever bought.

Alex was updating our website information on SSD drives locally on his computer. Doing the usual thing, working on the CSS and the graphics, then upload to the live site. At the end of a long day, you do stupid things, like delete local files by mistake through the FTP program. It happened. A days work trashed and gone forever. Will you remember all the changes? All the awesome words used to describe the Crucial drives. Light bulb. We use Backblaze. Maybe the files have been back up …please, please please. There they were, backed up on the Backblaze system. It was as simple as selecting the files we needed, it was zipped and ready for download.

Noah Kagan, what a legend. The dude bought me a beer this week, and saved our bacon with his Backblaze deal.

Today, it definitely feels like that was the best $25 I’ve spent on Appsumo.

This post aint just about Backblaze, sure it is a testimonial of their online backup service. It is also about Appsumo. You don’t have to be a wannapreneur to be a Appsumo customer. They have great deals all the time suitable for every type of businessperson. Even if you don’t buy one of their deals, they are guaranteed to eventually make you laugh.

If you missed the link, the files we recovered were about the benefits of the Crucial M500 SSD drives.

About the author: James Hopkin is a part time Upgradeable CEO, and a full time skateboarder. His natural habitat is going fast down your local hills.

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