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Customer requests #1

When you buy ram or a SSD upgrade from Upgradeable we like to double check compatibility. If you type your model into the customer notes, our technical team checks to make sure you ordered the right product. If we think there will be an issue, we’ll contact you. We are not trying to create the world’s best customer service, just treating you, our customer, the way we would like to be treated if we were the customer.

Occasionally we get a special request in the customer notes. Today we had a request for a drawing of Nicholas Cage. That is a challenge too good not to take up!

Special request to the Upgradeable Team

John we have put a bonus in your Mac Ram upgrade we are shipping out today…

About the author: James Hopkin is a part time Upgradeable CEO, and a full time skateboarder. His natural habitat is going fast down your local hills.

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