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Upgradeable Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is the fuel that runs our company. Getting good feedback is a huge motivator for everyone in the business, a small reward for our hard work. Critical feedback is essential for us to fine tune what we are doing. If we don't hear the truth, we don't know we have a problem.

We have taken the unusual step of outsourcing this critical part of the business to an independent company called Customercare. The Upgradeable reviews show that we take customer service seriously.

If we managed our own feedback, I can tell you, as the CEO, I would not willingly show bad feedback. I would act on it, make improvements but not reveal it to our customers. That is because I am viewing it personally as the business owner. From the customer perspective, glowing reviews is a glass half empty. Trust is only built on all the information. The real test of a company is the level of customer service when something goes wrong. Via CustomerCare we reveal all our reviews, we are unable to delete them or edit them.

It is a true representation of our business and our customer service.

James Hopkin