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Dimension 8250

Compatible RAM:
Part No: UD2226
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Ships in 1-2 days

Part No: UD2225
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Part No: UD2224
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System Information

System Specifications

Memory Sockets: 4 slot(s)
Maximum Memory: Supports up to 1.5 gigabyte

Product Notes

  • Special conditions: Some systems shipped with a 2 gig processor that ran a front side bus of 400mhz or 533Mhz - these systems shipped with 800Mhz memory. All memory quoted here is 1066Mhz. System is limited to 1.5 gig using 1066mhz memory. Systems using 800Mhz can be upgraded to 2 gig using four 512mb RIMMs. 1066Mhz memory will clock back to 800Mhz and can be mixed with 800mhz memory.
  • Memory quoted here are kits of 2. Memory must be installed in pairs. If there is an empty bank, continuity modules must be installed. A standard system shipped with one bank populated with memory and the other bank populated with continuity modules. These continuity modules must be removed and replaced with the new memory kit.
  • Standard memory was non ECC. Ecc and non ECC can be installed in different banks however the ECC function is disabled. New memory upgrade is compatible with exisiting memory.. Existing memory is compatible with any new memory upgrade.

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